Spank Me, Teacher

September 26, 2012

Via the Hubble Space Telescope, we now know that some starlight in the night sky has taken 13.2 billion years to reach Earth. That distance to newly discovered galaxies is so vast that the mind can’t visualize it. (In one year alone, light travels nearly 6 trillion miles.) Unfortunately, it’s not hard to visualize another bit of news that I wish emanated from a galaxy far far away. Here, in the year 2012 in our supposedly civilized nation, in Springtown, Texas to be precise, male educators are paddling misbehaving high school girls. Some of the girls’ parents are all for it. Perhaps more advanced beings untold number of light years away are shaking their heads in disgust, giving credence to this well-trod observation:

That intelligent creatures exist in outerspace is proven by the fact that they have not contacted us.

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