Simple Act of Defiance

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September 17, 2012

In need of inspiration this late summer day? What always works for me is reading about someone’s simple act of defiance. So thanks to Jerry Peterson, a physics professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After the state Board of Regents voted┬áto allow people with permits to carry concealed guns at most places on campus, Peterson took a stand. He vowed to cancel class if he sees any student with a firearm. Predictably, gun zealots showered the professor with scorn, claiming that allowing guns would help to prevent the epidemic of fatal shootings at colleges around the country. The university chancellor also warned the faculty against defiance. It won’t be long until some student shows off the heat he’s packing in Peterson’s classroom to test the professor. I think Peterson, an expert on nuclear fusion, will get an “A.” In the meantime, I’m asking myself: what can I defy today?

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