April 19, 2008

I’m now an Official Stereotypical Blogger, languishing unshaven in my pajamas as I write my inaugural entry. An unpleasant image, yes, but not a habit in the making.

Why blog? I want an outlet to write more. Writing in a public setting imposes obligations and expectations, even if only family and friends occasionally traipse through here. Blogging creates deadlines, too, however loose and unenforceable. I like deadlines; I need deadlines.

Other blogging benefits: commenting and reflecting in print on things I observe and ponder keep them from vanishing into the ether; they also force me to examine such things more deeply. But can I comment and reflect without lapsing into insipid navel-gazing? Or without trying to impress myself or whoever stumbles upon Cracked Window? In other words, an underlying goal is honesty.

Honesty is an easy declaration but hard to achieve when delving into the personal.

Stay tuned.

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