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Our small backyard goldfish pond in Northeast Portland sparkles from its annual cleanup today. The pond is compact: eight feet across at the widest point, thirty inches deep in the deepest spot, and nine hundred gallons. Just large enough that I can zoom in on a Google satellite map and spy its blurry roundness, as […]


Looking for home

May 31, 2008

How strange to stumble upon photos of my childhood house of the 1960s on a movie web site. I was searching Google images for a picture of Lake Sybelia in Maitland, Florida. Once a quaint hamlet of citrus trees and lakes, Maitland was long ago consumed by the tourist monster that ate Orlando. During my […]

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My mother never made it west of the Mississippi. Until now. As I write, countless specks of her are in San Francisco Bay and the Pacific, bound for who knows where on the lunar whim of tides. She’s used to the water. When she died in 2003, my two brothers and I scattered some of […]



April 17, 2008

What is Cracked Window? A place for me to comment and reflect in a public way about how I experience the world. Can I do so without engaging in excessive navel-gazing? Or without straining to impress myself or whoever visits here? Stay tuned. This is also a place for me to show off my work. […]