Mark My Words

September 13, 2012

Read this list of so-called crutch words and your mind will start monitoring everything you say with all the vigor of spy agencies checking our emails and phone calls. It will also listen for these words in the speech of others, an enlightening—and at times irritating—distraction. My seven-year-old son’s frequent use of actually was endearing until I actually read the list. Mark my words, I would be rich if someone paid me every time I’ve saidĀ it is what it is instead of lettingĀ silence emphasize a point. Quite frankly, the mind will also essentially begin to edit crutch words from your own utterances. Personally, I now think of my mind as a vigilant editor who definitely deserves a raise. Obviously, to be fair per se, everything I say in the final analysis, well, totally works for me. You know?

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