Dream of The Honey

Luke Top

April 6, 2010

A song whose foreign words I don’t understand grabbed me recently and won’t let go. The Afro-pop music by Fool’s Gold is so mesmerizing that I had never wondered about the lyrics, though Luke Top’s voice is melodious as an instrument. I’ve played the song dozens of times, often consecutively. Uplifting yet plaintive,”Ha Dvash” takes me somewhere better. Especially the guitar solos.

Not until today did I learn that “Ha Dvash” is sung in Hebrew. The title means “The Honey.” I’ve only found a translation of one verse, courtesy a reviewer who’s as taken with the song and Fool’s Gold as me. That verse is beguiling enough that I’ll have to buy the Los Angeles band’s CD, which comes with track translations:

I have no time to kiss you; I only have time to fall apart. I have time to drink from the faucet and dream of the honey.

Learning the lyrics will come with a risk: “Ha Dvash” may never feel the same again.

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