Cracked Up

April 24, 2008

I’m a hypocrite. I rant about people yapping on their cell phones while they drive, especially on city streets.

Well, I wasn’t yapping but asking an operator for a phone number while driving through our Northeast Portland neighborhood. Suzame was sitting next to me. At the time my call seemed important enough for me to become one of “them.”

My complaint about mixing cell phones and driving is simple: it dulls your senses, making it more likely that you won’t see cyclists and pedestrians. Studies, of course, have documented the risk. On this day I saw too much.

As the operator talked, I noticed an open car door on the right and a man leaning into the car. As my car passed, his butt crack loomed into view, a crevice that blotted out the rest of the world.

I exclaimed loudly to Suzame, “Look at that big butt cra–.” I stopped myself but not soon enough to prevent a long silence on the phone.

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