Web Meandering

November 17, 2008

Confession: I like to meander on the web and find things I didn’t know I wanted to know. I’m not talking topics important to me, such as U.S. politics, for which I visit favorite blogs and news sites way too often. Meandering to me means wandering to find serendipitous discoveries.

For a long time I’ve relied on MetaFilter and Boing Boing for these excursions. Now I’ve found another detour that leads to the most unexpected findings, such as 7 Big-Ass Holes in the Earth and 7 Places Global Warming Is Smacking the Crap Out of the Earth Right Now.

This latest blow to productivity is Listropolis, which bills itself as the list of lists. Listropolis even lists 11 Sites With All the Lists You’ll Ever Need and 10 Sites for Finding Wonderful Things.

Listropolis, like my other web diversions, is online “bricolage” — the art of assembling diverse found objects. Luckily it has plenty of lists for improving productivity.