UFOs over Portland

January 31, 2009

An amateur photographer obsessed with jet contrails snapped photographs from the Burnside Bridge about ten days ago. Later, while reviewing his images, he noticed two tiny circles of light above Oregon Health Sciences University.

He zoomed in on the circles and came away convinced that they were UFOs.

These photographs have never been shown publicly. While interviewing him today for an unrelated story, I was drawn to the larger image, set as the wallpaper on his Mac. Maybe he observed my interest. Before long he said he had something to show me and enlarged the image to reveal he mysterious lights.

They appear to be too symmetrical and closely spaced to be random reflections of light. They also likely would have gone unobserved by the naked eye.

But here they are, perhaps lending credence to the assertion of Apollo moon-walker Edgar Mitchell that “we are not alone.”