Taste-Bud Time Machine

October 30, 2008

People in their fifties sometimes long to be in their early twenties again. Now that’s a revelation. But do I want to wake up to remnants of this post-midnight snack on my night table: beer and chocolate ice cream?

My chef-in-training nephew, living with our family for a time, might have been testing the palate’s response to the hops-chocolate combination. That wouldn’t explain why this morning I found the ice cream carton and its melted contents in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.

I’m too old to remember the crap I ate after prodigious late night partying of my youth. Maybe the partying is why.

While taking this photograph so my nephew won’t forget his eating habits years hence, a tinge of guilt made me pause: I’m violating his privacy. But jealousy easily trumped guilt.