Sunset of Conspiring Clouds

December 6, 2008

Across the Portland area, people are posting to blogs their photos of today’s sunset. It was breathtaking, and I too have pictures to prove it.

For those of us living east of the West Hills, memorable sunsets are rare. This is especially true in December and many months to follow because of the persistent rainy weather. But this has been a dry and warm fall with exceptionally abundant days of sun.

We can give thanks to the evening clouds, which conspired in pattern, shape, and position to close the day with a visual clap of cymbals.

When I grabbed the camera and raced outside, my little boy began his usual inquisition. “I’m photographing the sunset,” I told Atticus.

“What is it?”

“The sun going night-night.”

Looking through the bare branches, I thought of what I really wanted to say: it’s the light that’s always there behind the tangle of our lives.