Spam and Sam

January 3, 2009

Looking at my junk email folder, I feel unloved. Normally jammed with obnoxious, fraudulent, and salacious offers, it’s received only eight spams in the last fifteen hours.

That’s a shockingly small number, even with the typical weekend slowdown in such traffic. It’s also low considering that spam has rebounded since a dramatic drop worldwide in November. That drop came when a cybercrime-friendly Internet service provider was shut down.

I’m not complaining, mind you. But the drop-off makes those eight spams stand out. Especially the four from “Sam,” who comes across as the most proactive, generous customer service rep on the planet. He’s just dying to send me a $1,000 gift card from Home Depot.

Of course Sam is enticing me to click on the link in his email. I won’t, though I’m curious about what comes next in his scam. Too bad I don’t have an army of servers that could jam Sam’s email with my thoughts about him.

You could say that Sam has already won at least something. I’ve turned him into a real person.