Snow Days

December 30, 2008

No one is happier about Portland’s record December snowfall finally melting than our Irvington neighborhood Gnome. There was more than enough white stuff to fill his tree-trunk abode, so I’m assuming people kept his doorway sufficiently cleared so he could maintain his perpetual southeasterly gaze from our block.

At least the Gnome didn’t have to worry about getting places for days on end in a city that’s giddy whenever snow approaches, relishes the beauty of it for a few days, then realizes no one is going to clear the side streets and freaks out.

If another Snowpocalypse approaches, I don’t expect much giddiness. The situation reminds me of my childhood on Lake Sybelia in Maitland, Florida. When Hurricane Donna approached in 1960, my brothers and I were more than giddy. We were ecstatic. Then the aftermath — no electricity for a week and three straight days of yard cleanup — cured us of hoping for havoc.

Nature took care of Portland’s snow cleanup. But not before I went crazy photographing our house and yard. Not so next time, unless of course the snow is deeper: