Revolution in Real Time

June 15, 2009

If you’re interested in following a revolution for freedom in real time, one in which people risk their lives to stop oppression, follow what’s happening in Iran via Andrew Sullivan’s blog. The response to the hijacked election is among the most moving news events I’ve encountered, largely because much of the coverage comes directly from people risking their lives.

Yes, raw unfiltered information has obvious shortcomings — lack of verification and context, to name a few. But given that much of the U.S. media has blown this story, either underestimating what was happening or not paying enough attention, I’ll take this new type of coverage any day. (I apparently fall into a certain group of information consumers. Maybe addict is a more apt description.)

Seeing staccato bursts of terse information via Twitter and shaky videos from the scene via the Web, sent by ordinary people whose lives are in danger, is inspiring. And seeing technology thwart the interests of religious fanatics and fascist thugs is something to behold.