Really local locavores

June 25, 2008

A little publicity goes a long way. In May, I wrote a story for The Oregonian about two Portland men starting a new business, City Garden Farms. Their idea: grow vegetables in the urban yards of people willing to participate in return for a weekly supply of the harvest.

Their entrepreneurial zeal impressed me. Their philosophy impressed me more: grow food on small plots within a few miles of consumers, minimizing the environmental effects of transportation.

Now I’m happy to report that business is booming. They’ve sold out their allotment of weekly produce orders for the season and are selling at small farmers markets. In an email, Martin Barrett says “we’re very, very busy now.” As I read his update, I heard in my head his Scottish accent.

The story helped Martin and Dan Bravin to a fast start, but they would have been successful without it. Their idea is too good, and the passion behind it even better.