Psychobilly me

June 13, 2008

Rocket 88 is blazing through the Peacock Room with some high-octane psychobilly with flamboyant frontman Michael Bales in some tight shiny pants. . .

This news arrived in my email today via Google Alerts, courtesy of an entertainment web site run by my former employer in Orlando. Before I moved to Portland, I occasionally received phone calls intended for him, a member of my same-name brethren. No surprise: the calls left the impression that his life was edgier than mine.

Besides the Rocket 88 singer, I’ve received email alerts about others who share the name, including the Indiana guy appealing his theft conviction, the assistant producer of a film in which people spontaneously change genders, the veteran Florida fishing guide, and the PhD student immersed in biomedical informatics at Columbia University. (UPDATE: U.S. Census data shows there are two hundred of us.)

The emails make me wonder who they are, beyond the online snippets and snapshots. Do common traits accrue from something as arbitrary and artificial as a name? Would we like each other if we met?

I venture some are jealous of me owning “our” domain name. I’d gladly give it to the Rocket 88 lead singer, but only if we could trade places now and then. Not that I want another life. But I’ve always wanted to look good in tight pants, have “high hair,” and wow crowds with crazed dance moves.

Until we can arrange a switch, I’ll live vicariously in this video: