Power of Love

January 22, 2009

Anyone doubting the grassroots power of online social media should consider this story, which I wrote for today’s edition of The Oregonian.

Without Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, a son’s heart-warming attempt to help his mother’s financially ailing bookstore would have never reached and connected with so many people so quickly.

While the so-called Web 2.0 spread the word, no one would have paid notice online or offline if the story itself didn’t resonate. The quirky idea of offering a burrito in exchange for buying at least $50 worth of books no doubt helped Aaron Durand‘s cause on behalf of his mother, Roberta Dyer, and Broadway Books.

But quirkiness alone wasn’t enough of a draw. People cared because the story was about love. Not just any love, but a son’s love for his mother, demonstrated in a spontaneous act to come to her aid.

It all began with the Twitter “tweets” below. I’ll never again doubt the power of 140 characters — or less.