Past Bailout Monuments

February 6, 2009

“Socialism is apparently what is created when a president you do not like spends money on things of which you do not approve,” writes Mark Schone of Salon. He zings the Rush Limbaugh crowd of Stimulus Bill opponents by pointing to the infrastructure projects the federal government financed during the Great Depression.

But as he notes, words in this maddening debate are more than plentiful. None capture the possibility of what America could do now and for future generations as powerfully as this slideshow of New Deal images that Salon assembled. They include two from Oregon.

Too bad we can’t yet visualize with similar monumental grandeur the projects that could save the nation this time.

Triborough Bridge in New York City. Renamed Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.

(Photo courtesy of Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. See more Great Depression and New Deal photos here.)