One Angry Dude

October 15, 2008

I’m glad the presidential debates have ended. Too much anxiety watching them, though they served their purpose in educating people about both candidates.

After the second debate, I read that eighty-six percent of Fox News viewers believed John McCain had won. That statistic may have been the second-most revealing element of the entire campaign. Objectively speaking, Barack Obama would have had to poop his pants and run awkwardly to the restroom to lose by that margin. So the number helps define the ideological zealotry of the Fox crowd and the blind irrationality it causes.

The debates’ most revealing element was showing voters who has the best temperament and intellect to lead the country through extraordinarily challenging times. Watching McCain tonight, I envisioned him in a situation like the Cuban Missile Crisis. If debating Obama produced the barely contained anger so evident on McCain’s face, what would fate-of-the-human-race-hangs-in-the-balance pressure produce?

Tonight I thought at any minute steam would whistle from McCain’s ears like a cartoon character. Or his eyes would bulge until they exploded from his head. The moderator, Bob Schieffer, should have asked: “Senator McCain, why are so mad?”

He’s one Angry Dude. And that, my friends, isn’t what America needs.