No skirting this bike issue

July 28, 2008

It’s hard not to spot a woman riding a bike and wearing a skirt. I mean that strictly from a safety standpoint. After all, it’s a benefit given how cyclists and motorists in Portland struggle at times to share the road.

Don’t believe the safety bit? You shouldn’t.

I confess: the style, the overall look, is alluring. No, it’s sexy. I’ve told Suzame, my wife, the same thing the few times she’s bicycled to work in a skirt this summer. She rolled her eyes and complained about the challenge of minimizing exposure during dismounts.

I thought about bicycles and skirts yesterday while driving along Northeast 20th near Burnside (yes, I should have ridden my bike). A robust-looking woman with blond hair pedaled toward me. I zeroed in on her skirt. As she drew near, the skirt became a kilt. The rider became a Viking-looking dude. Riding demurely he wasn’t.

Karmic payback and then some.