Nature of Man

August 19, 2009

Our son Atticus, now 4, watched part of Finding Nemo tonight. The story’s setting was relevant given the roaring surf outside our rented vacation house on the Oregon coast. Judging from his reaction to the dramatic scenes (shielding his eyes with a blanket and whimpering occasionally), we’ve overly sheltered him from TV and other insidious forms of pop culture.

A night earlier he was OK with The Blue Planet‘s depiction of nature’s real mayhem. Nor did he wince at a photo his mother took of a headless sea lion on the sand (a local said fishermen behead the animals when they accidentally catch them).

For Atticus, Finding Nemo’s human voices, dramatic music, and tense plot twists were far more terrifying than the sight of a polar bear in The Blue Planet punching through a snow cave roof in a vain attempt to snare baby seals.

When he showed me the photo of the sea lion and asked how it “got dead,” I sheltered him from the nature of man.