Naked Artist at Work

January 28, 2009

Someone might question a father who posts a photo of his naked toddler online. But I’ve cropped it tastefully, which helps focus the viewer on Atticus’ intense gaze as he loses himself in shower-time “drawing.”

I captured the image last night not with my expensive Nikon but wimpy iPhone camera. Besides the photo’s unusual quality (to my untrained eye), I like how it celebrates the magic of children entertaining themselves with the simplest of things. I swear that boy would still be showering if the hot water lasted and I let him.

“I want condensation!” he said as I turned on the water. An artist in search of a canvas.

Atticus will never remember the moment the way I will. Then again, he’s already figured out the iPhone and its many gadgets, including how to take photos and scroll through images. Even if he doesn’t remember, I wonder what he saw looking out. And is it represented in the abstraction of his work?