Music Fix

May 27, 2009

I make no secret of my adoration for The Avett Brothers, a band I fell for even harder after seeing them live last summer. For that concert at the Oregon Zoo, I stood in a monsoon-like rain, oblivious to the drenching.

Now I’ve seen them again, this time indoors last Friday night at the Crystal Ballroom. I leaned against the stage with the most die-hard music fans I’ve ever met: people who had flown from South Dakota, a couple who had driven eighteen hours from Colorado, and a woman from Washington, D.C. who was taking in her eleventh show on the band’s present tour. Another guy was seeing his sixth performance in nine days. All planned to take in the Saturday night show too.

There were so many out-of-town fans that some organized a Saturday afternoon picnic atop Mt. Tabor. I imagined The Avett Brothers showing up, eating burgers, and hanging out with their rabid admirers. Maybe even jamming a bit.

And this made me wonder what the band members think when they see the same faces in city after city, faces transfixed and wearing the glow of another fix.