McCain’s gift

August 21, 2008

John McCain’s inability to remember how many houses he owns is a gaffe that will prove more damaging than John Edwards getting a $400 haircut. Count on it. Especially because McCain, after consulting with his staff, said the number is at “at least four” when in fact it may be ten or more.

The Jed Report has produced a Google Earth tour of the properties. The Talking Points Memo details the ill-timed most recent purchase by Cindy McCain.

I don’t fault McCain for his wealth or lavish lifestyle, including hobnobbing with movie celebrities and flying around in his private jet. But not knowing how many houses he owns puts him way out of touch with the people he’s seeking to lead.

The McCain campaign’s response: the POW excuse, again, and another slam on Barack Obama for liking arugula. I like it too, so I must also be an elitist. I definitely know how many houses I have: one with a fat mortgage payment and home equity loan.

Now all we need is a photograph of McCain eating arugula, and he’ll be toast.