Man vs. Squirrel

December 2, 2008

A squirrel is mocking me. We had a peace pact for a few years. But the critter has had an attitude ever since I removed its nest from the eaves above the front porch. Or maybe it’s because I inadvertently dig up nuts the squirrel has socked away around the yard.

In a benevolent gesture over the summer, I sought no revenge when it ripped out of pots a dozen sunflower sprouts and nibbled off the seeds. Atticus, my three year old, and I had planted the seeds as part of a father-son gardening project.

The little beast also dug up and carted away tulip bulbs in the spring and tore out insulation from behind a loose board on the second-floor.

Last week, the squirrel swayed on a Japanese maple branch outside my office window and glared at me. I should have realized that it was plotting something.

Then yesterday I filled with sunflower seeds a bird feeder that hangs beneath the eaves next to the back door. No way the squirrel could reach the feeder.

Within minutes it was sitting in the feeder tray, feasting on the seeds and looking at me.

Now I’m tempted to dig up more of the squirrel’s carefully hidden nuts and eat them while the squirrel watches me. This is war.