‘Hiding in Plain Sight’

October 5, 2008

After closely following the mainstream media’s superficial coverage of the presidential campaign, I’m not surprised that much in Rolling Stone’s damning new portrayal of John McCain’s life and career isn’t widely known.

The piece feels like a hatchet job but only because the sheer volume of negative information is so shocking. I’ve read some of it elsewhere but mostly in bits. To see it aggregated in a single piece is jaw dropping.

It’s a safe bet that no presidential nominee in modern times has led anything approaching McCain’s reprehensible life, must less created such a cynical but successful narrative facade to obscure it. As Tim Dickinson writes, the real John McCain “has been hiding in plain sight.”

In a democracy with a free press, how can someone of McCain’s ilk get this close to the presidency? Part of the problem is the lack of incisive reporting. Another sad truth is that most people either don’t care or are unwilling to delve beyond the pablum served up as news. When something important like Dickinson’s article comes around, how many people will know about it or spend the time to read nearly twelve thousand words?

If only half of what Dickinson writes in “Make-Believe Maverick” is true, the nation is in grave peril -– unless the polls hold. And I say that without factoring Sarah Palin into the equation.

As Dickinson points out in a video synopsis of his article, the media has been vetting the wrong candidate, Palin instead of McCain.