Dark thoughts found, scan continuing

August 6, 2008

I‘ve been known to travel with a laptop computer. I’ve also been known to write and store on its hard drive the most private of thoughts, not to mention personal financial information.

Now I read that the Department of Homeland Security has bestowed upon itself the right to search computer hard drives and other digital storage devices belonging to people entering the country. Without probable cause.

The agency argues that such devices are no different than a suitcase, and such searches protect the country against terrorists and other law breakers.

I argue that my laptop is an extension of my mind, the most private place in all the universe. An inviolate domain. Or is it?

When the inevitable technology advance occurs, the Department of Homeland Security will claim authority to scan our brains to “protect” us.

The scanners will find my darkening thoughts about the government and the shredding of the Constitution. But for now, merely putting these thoughts to words lands me on some list. Think about what that means. In America.

Yet we cower.