Dark Side of Crappy Weather

December 27, 2008

Portland’s rapidly melting blanket of snow reveals how whacked out the city became during its record-setting bout of wintry weather. Many people who zealously clean up after their pooping dogs didn’t. The result: on the sidewalks there’s lots more to slip on than patches of slushy ice.

Were dog owners too cold and hurried to bother? Did they think the snow would make the droppings permanently vanish? If I was generous, I’d conclude it was snowing so hard that people simply lost sight of what Rover left behind.

I saw ample evidence of the problem today during a brief walk in Northwest. Others have reported dodging numerous piles — some that pedestrians had tromped upon — in Northeast neighborhoods, including Irvington where I live.

During the next snow storm, weather forecasters will have to warn about this new pedestrian peril: brown ice.