Contradictions on a warming planet

August 11, 2008

A new poll concludes that eighty percent of Americans now believe global warming is a real threat to our future but more than half of them are unwilling to bear any financial hardship to address the danger.

Of course there would be no hardship, only opportunity, if we hadn’t wasted most of the last eight years under an administration that either denies the problem or does nothing substantive to address it. Denmark, among other countries, long ago began wrestling this problem to the ground and in the process helped its economy.

Economic survival is why General Motors is rushing to develop an electric car, the Volt, by 2010. The man leading the project owns “16 classic cars and eight motorcycles and two helicopters and two military-surplus fighter jets (which he flies).” according to Harper’s Magazine. He also calls global warming “a crock of shit.”

Those three stories lead me to ponder the guy I’ve seen several time driving around Portland. Something tells me he wants to increase offshore oil drilling but doesn’t know that the Bush Administration estimates doing so will only increase the nation’s oil supply by one percent — in thirty years.

What’s the guy driving? A white stretch limo Hummer.