Chelsea Clinton seeks Obama toddler vote

May 19, 2008

Stooping to a new low, the Clintons tried today to undermine my family’s support for Barack Obama. They dispatched Chelsea to enlist our little boy, Atticus, in a duplicitous campaign to persuade us to switch our allegiance.

While Atticus and his mother, Suzame, waited for friends outside the entrance to the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Chelsea swooped upon them from a white SUV.

Unfortunately Atticus, who is nearly 3, was too stunned to remember the chant he’s been forced to practice for hours on end: “Yes we can! Yes we can!”

In truth, by all reports, Chelsea was genuinely friendly and laid back. As she said goodbye to Atticus by name, he waved and announced: “I’m going to see the dinosaurs.” To which Chelsea replied, “I wish I was seeing the dinosaurs, too. That sounds like more fun.”