Atwitter about Twitter

November 19, 2008

I’m twittering about Twitter.

Skeptical is the best description of my initial reaction to using this social media service. I was skeptical about sharing observations, random thoughts, and general announcements of what’s happening at any given moment in my life — in only 140 characters. (See examples on the right side of this blog’s home page.)

But Suzame, my wife who on Twitter is known as @pdxmama, persuaded me to join in this mass conversation. I had the usual hesitations: did I have anything worth expressing that wasn’t trite and, given my bent for verbosity, could I say it in so few words? Just as important, would anyone click to follow me? In other words, make me part of an ongoing conversation they wanted to read.

More than 405 “tweets” later as @crackedwindow, I’m hooked. I have an outlet for items not worthy of full blog posts, and I’m now privy to insights of people I’d otherwise never have known existed. It’s also a convenient way to get updated on news and commentary I thrive on.

The rigor of saying something in 140 characters — fewer if including a web link — is also great discipline. Less, it turns out, is often more.

What thrills me is having tweets written from my PC or iPhone flow seamlessly into this blog and having links to new blog posts automatically appear on Twitter.

Like blogging, twittering requires writing. And when you write, you think as you otherwise wouldn’t. That’s a magical thing, even if no one else ever notices.