At the bus stop

May 28, 2009

Mother: What are you so angry about, bitch?

Daughter: I’m not angry.

Mother: It’s all over your face, bitch.

Daughter: What are you talking about?

Mother: I see it, here and here (she rubs her hands along the sides of the teenager’s face).

Daughter: (Stares straight ahead at the passing traffic.)

Mother: They’re sexualized, your eyes, asking for it.

A man walks past with a puppy tucked in his half-zippered sweatshirt. The dog is nestled against several large gold-colored crucifixes adorning the man’s chest. The mother coos at the pup. The man moves on.

Mother: How can you be mad after seeing that puppy, bitch?

Duaghter: I’m not angry.

The bus arrives. They climb aboard. They take seats on opposite sides.