Amped Up on Live Music

March 5, 2009

Strange feeling, though not new, to look around a small-venue concert (my favorite) and see I’m the only one looking, well, old.

I wonder what the twenty-somethings think when they see my gray and white hair. Have they ever considered that love of live music doesn’t vanish when you hit thirty or well beyond?

The attraction isn’t just music, though tonight’s Blind Pilot concert at Portland’s newly remodeled Mississippi Studios exceeded expectations. (The supporting cast, young women playing violins and a banjo, captured me before the first song filled the room.) Nor is it getting there early and up close to see the band members’ faces and the way they grip their instruments.

It’s the intangibles: electricity on the stage, inter-play among the performers, engagement of the audience. The moment before the first chord is struck a world unto itself.

At any age live music, well performed and exuding  passion, makes me feel alive.